The Olive oil Galega is only extracted from olives of the variety Galega, picked on old trees between 80 years and 1000 years.

The natural aroma of the organic extra virgin olive oil Courela do Zambujeiro is due to aromatic plants on the ground of our olive grove.

Olives are picked at maturity, and transformed the same day, only through mechanical processes. The Olive oil is then extracted through cold process (first cold extraction ), settled naturally without filtration. it results from it an oil balanced with a low acidity perfect for whatever dish it is, either salad, with a resistance at high temperatures which permits to cook it.

Courela do Zambujeiro proposes you the Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil in packagings glass of 500ml and 750ml or cans 2,5 liter metal


We exploit more than 6000 trees of the Galega variety between 80 and 100 years (with a 1000 year old specimen)
500 trees of the Branquita variety
2500 trees of the variety Cobrançosa (6ans) recent

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olive oil obtained from olives at maturity (black) and of old trees, this oil can be used in salads, to cook ( smoking point of 220°C), or for fruit salads, this oil  deteriorates itself very few along time.o.

Olive Oil Cobrançosa Demeter

Certified Demeter, slightly bitter and spicy

Organic Olive Oil Branquita

Oil obtained from the variety Branquita old trees, olives gathered before final maturity (red/black), spicy and fruity oil.

Organic Olive Oil flavored with our Lemons

Olive oil obtained from ripe olives and flavored with our lemons, can be used for salad, or on fishes after cooking 

Organic Olive Oil Flavored with our Oranges

Olive Oil is obtained from  ripe(mature) olives and flavored with our oranges,to be utilized on white meats after cooking  or on carrots salads , or on cod and monkfish.

Organic olive Oil Flavored with our Garlic

Olive Oil is ibtained from ripe(mature) olives and flavored with our garlic, can be used in salad, either on lamb or cheeses or cod brandade.

Organic  Olive oil is  certified  by ECOCERT, all our oil are stored in stainless cubes with controled atmosphere, packaging is made at the time of the order.


The packaging is made in the day preceding the transport, this method guarantees the quality of the product extracted directly from tanks in controlled atmosphere  for oil and in tank of brine for the olives.lada para os azeites ou das cubas de salmoura para as azeitonas.

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